Monday, January 21, 2008


Welcome to the first in a series of showcasing Australian musicians...

Not particularly standout or interesting in anyway but I really love this song off his great album "Memories and Dust" - this is one of the best albums for "on the road" - it really sets the mood well especially if you're travelling through regional Australia :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

The point is it's a great song!

Just ignore the clip... Couldn't resist dropping into Red Eye when I was passing the other day...a very familiar voice started blaring over the speakers....Morrissey! Anyway this is a great Smiths song which, strangely, I'd never heard before...yes I ended up leaving with a new CD ;) :P

THE SMITHS/Unloveable

Friday, January 11, 2008

Finding myself:

Never forget who you are, Little Star...
Never forget how to dream, Butterfly...

this clip is dedicated to others who also found themselves a little lost along the journey of life...

Madonna is truly an inspiration.

MADONNA/ Little Star

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Train of Thought: Yo La Tengo, Calexico, Anton Corbijn

So my one fellow music aficionado friend who doesn't even live in Australia anymore but I happened to see on the weekend happened to mention seeing the band Yo La Tengo before...a band I often hear mentioned but had no idea what their music is like...I was checking out Wayne-the-good-music-reviewer's flickr site, when I saw the same band name pop up and decided that I needed to hear what they were all about!

First impression? Catchy! I don't know how long they'd last on repeat but I quite like this song- a refreshing change from what I usually listen to- might actually like them...but gotta hear more of their stuff to decide...


Also, I saw Calexico, a name I had long forgotten but had been recommended to me years and years ago in the days when dial-up 56kbps internet was all the rage and youtube didn't even exist yet(!!) decided to give them a listen but found myself immediately more drawn to their visually interesting video clips than their music...

CALEXICO/the black light


Finally while on the subject of music video clips...this is still my all time favourite by the great Anton Corbijn: wow I feel like such an ignoramus for not realising just how famous he is and how much he has done besides this clip! ie: taken the photos of so many famous musicians and album covers! :-o!

JOY DIVISION/atmosphere

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Martin Dosh:I'm a FAN!!!

He captivated me with the most *amazing* (and creative) drumming I have ever witnessed in my life! (as part of Andrew Bird's band at the Sydney Festival). I spent half the show watching him play drums and remembering how that was the instrument I so wanted to learn as a kid except that being a "girl" it was seen as "inappropriate" so then I ended up with the prissy flute which I subsequently detested! ANYWAY Martin Dosh is a talented multi-instrumentalist with some really great and *interesting* experimental/electronica/folk rock music in his own right!! Check out his myspace page here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Arcade Fire/No Cars Go

So the Sydney New Year Fireworks as usual were stunning...couldn't say so much about the music this year though...the only bit I really liked was the inclusion of this song in the midnight session...and what was the deal with the hourglass? To me its appearance in the 9 o'clock fireworks was just as (un)exciting as Times Square's Ball offence if you're from that part of the world haha...but first experience our New Year Fireworks on the harbour and then tell me if I'm wrong...LOL