Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The National/Bitters and Absolut

LOL I think it's more of a whisky on the rocks kind of song. Anyway I'm kinda obsessed with this album at the moment...for some reason it has some kind of alluring pull that their later more well known polished albums don't have...or maybe I just love everything they do and I'm still in honeymoon period with this album as it only came in the post a couple of days ago!

if i were a spy inside the world inside your head...

And yeah I really should upload at least the pics I got when I saw them live recently...Of course I wrote a blurb too but my goldfish memory has forgotten what it is about and I doubt I can find it again in my mass of was probably scribbled all over the festival program which in all likelihood I've already thrown out...awww sorry fans!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

RADIOHEAD/House of Cards

Okay so this is THAT ALBUM that people love so much...not particularly "interesting" or "challenging" but very easy listening and insidiuously...addictive, lol.

It just came in the mail a short time ago and I think I'm on at least round 6 so far...the good thing is despite not being particularly "interesting" or "challenging" listening it is not something that you get sick of quickly...

so perhaps the right mix of "just right".

Anyway this is not necessarily the best or my most favourite song off this album but it's really hard to know...yet...I guess I just like the mellow-stoned feel of this suits my post dinner food coma ;)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere...

Here are a bunch of songs by the New Zealand band "Goldenhorse" me the sound epitomizes The Southern hemisphere...definitely there it has a special something that you won't hear out of The North...It's almost like our mild balmy weather, wide open space or laid back summer culture are infused into the music... It's weird but as we've hit Summer...the cultured festival season here I'm getting back into indulging film and music interests in a very big just need to keep to a budget I think(!) hehe


lol i LOVE it!!! This is off Bjork's latest album Biophilia...i really love how this album is all about the natural world...and yes, I am particularly amused that there is a song all about a is so refreshing after the overdone theme of love and unrequited love. It's like...get some originality! THANK YOU Bjork!! :)
It really is amazing actually how the instrumentalism of this song really does convey that sense of the "organic"- the chaos yet order of an organism...alive!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE/Marching Bands of Manhattan

I'm not sure why but this song resonates lately...not sure if it's the mood or the fact that I have extremely itchy feet to hopefully try life in a geography where more cultured and educated intellectuals exist...and yes Manhattan would be in the shortlist...definitely!!!

So I have to counsel my itchy feet and restless soul with PATIENCE right now...good things come to those who can wait...