Sunday, August 29, 2010

KATE MILLER-HEIDKE/Caught in the Crowd

I like this song...acoustic version.

And the clip as well...cute :) Love the fun clips.

Oh and I like this one too: God's Gift to Women (acoustic)...LOL one person comes to mind for BOTH of these songs ;) P.S Why don't you just subscribe to her Youtube Channel?


I'm loving Kate Miller-Heidke's Curiouser album. Best Aussie Music discovery for me in aaaages.

Anyway, how narcissistic is this...I'm dedicating this song to Meeeeeee! HAHA. Ok, All Scorp girls actually, just cos we're :)

whole song:

Shame this one got cut off!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sigur Ros/Gong

This is the perfect Saturn Return/Mid Life Crisis song....sublime! Without the visuals this song says to me...chaos & despair, upheaval, drama, redemption, transcendence, it's "The Chariot" and 555....but also the culmination of a cycle and rebirth all in one!

this clip is one of the better ones with all important decent sound quality - I think the "nature" theme of the clip taps in well to the 'essence' of this song...especially the Winter...cold, barren...monochromatic...

it's also a nice juxtaposition of ideas to me: the insignificance and smallness of the human compared to the vast power of the natural world. Sorry I'm not in the most lucid or well expressed mode today- but hopefully you get some morsel of the idea I'm trying to express but can't seem to! :-p

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I was unpacking and filing all my precious babies into their specially made shelf (with much content)when I came across this old disc...and listening to this 15 years past it's prime...WOW I still love this song as much as ever! It's definitely in the hall of "Mscherrylane's All Time Classics!"

This song on repeat got me through much of my angsty teen years and hate-hate relationship with being forced to attend an anal-obsessive high school. It's been nice to be reunited...even more so, strangely I don't remember ever having seen the original video clip...and I'm actually nicely impressed- love the monochromatic shades and that seeking reminds me of my film days studying "Metropolis"! LOL, I remember one of my classmates proffering that the spotlight on the woman was her being "metaphorically raped". I remember thinking at the time: "What a load of crap! What ARE all these film students ON!"

But I'm glad to say over the years, my mind has expanded exponentially out of being so literal and straightforward, since then. Cheers to ever expanding conscientious potentials...