Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Inspiration from LISA GERRARD/Now We Are Free

I am loving the angelic sound of Lisa Gerrard lately. Basically after a day of interaction with the city I feel vile, dirty, cynical, negative, disappointed in humanity and corrupted.

Listening to her music "cleanses" and that I can be rebirthed into something a bit more pure and wholesome feeling again...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cleansing...The Music of Lisa Gerrard

I was lucky enough to pick up the "career-spanning retrospective" of Lisa Gerrard CD today for only $15! :-)

After a couple of hours spent bustling through the disgusting CBD environment I was thoroughly drained and feeling it was with much relief I took refuge in this CD playing full blast and felt instantly 'cleansed'...

Her music/soundscapes are absolutely inspiring. Although I haven't heard much of her music, I was instantly enchanted: its haunting beauty and otherworldly and ethereal hyperactive brain had a blast...her music is so richly evocative...vivid imageries seamlessly sprung to mind...

*moonlit night, choppy rough seas, sunken sailors
*transcending the human body to the afterlife, floating, heavenly, free, ethereal, spirit
*desolate cemetaries swathed in creeping mists
*this is the music that plays just before the protagonist gets sacrificed and executed
*dark stormy nights with thunder and lightning

anyway, if you're a music aficionado like me, Lisa Gerrard music is definitely something you wanna sink your ears into! Cheers :)

p.s Of course I couldn't just leave with the one cd...I also picked up 4 others...(smacks the hand)...I am such a credit risk if left to my own devices in a cd store...this time I came prepared though with a well thought out list so only ended up with one impulse buy....phew!

Anyway was very happy with the selection purchased today:

Apart from Lisa Gerrard I also got

1) THE NATIONAL "Cherry Tree"
2) DECODER RING "Somersault"
3) CUT COPY "In Ghost colours" (I actually meant to get the previous album but it wasn't in stock and this one was pretty good when I sampled it)
4) THE CHURCH "Hindsight" (this 2 cd best of 1980-1987 was only $13! Happy Happy :)'s Lisa Gerrard performing "Sacrifice"...this piece is so aptly titled...and it touches to the very core...

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So...I love the album HELLO NASTY but this song can get on my nerves...the video however is TOTAL FUN!! Watch it!!!

Love the fluffy bunny slippers and the rolling head with the fake blood! ;)

The second part is so spoof James Bond or Austin Powers!!


From one of my all time favourite bands THE NATIONAL...'About Today' has got to be one of the most melancholy songs that has ever existed, yet it is so very beautiful that I don't mind even if it inevitably makes me recall sad memories from the past.

Check out this awesome clip of the song performed live at la Guinguette Pirate by talented film maker Vincent Moon who has amazingly managed to capture within this clip a real presence yet nostalgia all at the same time.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Birthday/The Sugarcubes

Forgive me, just a gratuitous post to celebrate cos this has got to be one of my most favourite songs of all time EVER! I'm so grateful to have made it this far cos not everyone gets to be my age(!)

Cheers to a great day if you happen to be A Birthday Twin :-D

Monday, November 3, 2008

PET SHOP BOYS/Liberation

1993...How huge was the album "Very"?!

Anyhow this is my favourite song off it...LIBERATION :)

I'm enjoying being a rebel and in the mood for "flipping the bird" at deadlines...need to remember to live a little!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Who needs Happy Music?!

just in case you hadn't heard of THE STONE ROSES - here are a few of my favs off their album THE STONE ROSES :) tip: their music sounds best...LOUD! ;)

THE STONE ROSES/elephant stone

THE STONE ROSES/she bangs the drums