Tuesday, September 22, 2009

(500) Days of Summer...The Soundtrack!

This movie has a KICK ASS soundtrack...the first film in ages where the music was like candy to my brain!

Others that come to mind (if I remember correctly) are HIGH FIDELITY, GARDEN STATE and DONNIE DARKO...or maybe that's just my taste in music.

But (500) days of Summer...wow, not just a soundtrack...it really correlates with my musical taste!

It featured my favourite SMITHS song "there is a light that never goes out"^^

And a major surprise musical discovery for me was Carla Bruni...wow! The French First Lady is a respectable musician in her own right!!!

Other sound I really liked was:


and of course Ms. Spektor

And...The Pixies song "Here comes your man"

apart from the familiar music, I was particularly amused by the Unknown Pleasures Joy Division t-shirt and the little send up snippet of Ingmar Bergman's Seventh Seal...eh, so nice to be able to have a film with so many "bits" I actually get...

Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm an 80s child after all.

The only regret I have about being born in 1980 is that I missed being able to enjoy my favourite music era in its currency...

I received 2 CDs in the mail today...best of Depeche Mode and best of Joy Division.

*sigh....I looooooove it.

I think for me, perhaps MUSIC was the one biggest factor in my conditioning...perhaps that is why I have never been able to relate to people my own age...and why they completely do not know how to appreciate my music :p

Anyway I leave you with some Joy Division and some Depeche Mode...Enjoy!!! :)




Monday, September 7, 2009

THE GO-BETWEENS/16 Lovers Lane

As couples everywhere around me break up, bicker, turn their heads and close their eyes holding it together for the sake of the kids, valiantly staving off being another "D" statistic (at a rate to challenge the speed of light), I thought it fitting to feature songs from The Go-Betweens most accessible album: a whole album dedicated to the realities of Love- all the trials and tribulations of relationships...a glimmer of Hope but with a real sense of underlying futility...just like our exponentially skyrocketing divorce rates!

Thanks to WhackaWhacka for putting up so many songs so that the whole album can be enjoyed by all. (p.s check out his channel- some good stuff, including his own pieces- this one being my favourite!)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

THE BANGLES/September Gurls

LOL, just to celebrate the start of September!

I had a hankering for old school sounds...and picked up a Bangles CD as well as The Beach Boys yesterday-haha...

Geez 80s hair was BAD.