Friday, June 26, 2009

Bye Bye, Michael...

You know someone is truly great when they're just known the world over solely by their first name...and by so many generations!

In all honesty post "Diana", I have witnessed no other major world figure suddenly pass away - prematurely- in my lifetime and it's pretty sad. The truly great affect everyone no matter how big or small a fan of his music you are...a huge number of people in the world have grown up "knowing" Michael Jackson.

For me my first conscious memory of hearing Michael Jackson (and loving it) singing it dancing around as a kid was his hit "BEAT IT"...Man that Thriller album was awesome- probably the height of his super stardom for me. And I have to say when many started boycotting his music during and post the child molestation accusations I honestly didn't buy into it...hence I still have his music sitting on my CD shelf not sitting in a dark corner gathering dust!

Anyway here's 2 clips I've chosen to commemorate his life as one of music's GREATS...MJ doing "Beat it" and as a cutie back in 1970 as part of the Jackson 5....R.I.P Matey!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

THE CURE/Inbetween Days

These lyrics very much resonate with me a good kind of way :) Such an 80s Dag! *lol

Yesterday I got so old
I felt like I could die
Yesterday I got so old
It made me want to cry
Go on go on
Just walk away
Your choice is made
Go on go on
And disappear
Go on go on
Away from here
And I know I was wrong
When I said it was true
That it couldn't be me and be her
Inbetween without you
Without you
Yesterday I got so scared
I shivered like a child
Yesterday away from you
It froze me deep inside
Come back come back
Don't walk away
Come back come back
Come back today
Come back come back
Why can't you see
Come back come back
Come back to me
And I know I was wrong
When I said it was true
That it couldn't be me and be her
Inbetween without you
Without you

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

BEN GIBBARD/I will follow you into the dark

:-D! I am so loving my extra bandwidth...means lots more sound and picture for me!!!

I think this song is very pretty...especially at this time of night...and also cos it's so...Grey's Anatomy...a show I've followed through all the seasons...cos it's relevant to love for my learning ;) and also cos I can totally relate to the protagonist, Meredith...even the actress who plays her...Ellen Pompeo- we're practically birthday twins lol.


Yay Finn Brothers!!! Is the band Australian or New Zealander...we all like to claim them hehe...

In any case I'm grappling back those reigns cos my horses were getting outta control! Cracking the whip- no more time to be stuffing around like I have been! :p

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NEW ORDER/Subculture

Was chatting with some mates and the notion of "normalcy", social norms and conventions was a feature...which caused me to reflect...of course I am that novelty alternate..."The anti-norm" ;)

!!!Love this song, PLAYED LOUD!!! Cheers to all fellow "unique creatures" LOL

THE KILLERS/Smile like you mean it

Woohoo! I am finally seeing the glimmer of light, smelling the fresh air that wafts in from the end of the tunnel! Shortly I will be able to "Smile Like I mean it!" :-D

Sunday, June 7, 2009


When I get into an acute state of study induced stress I usually bring out the big guns which tonight comprised:

half a bottle of red wine
hoola hoop
anarchic music played LOUD...this song "THIS IS NOT MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME" is a special favourite in the line up ;)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

BJORK/Who is it

LOL it's obviously a Bjork day today. This is my fav track off Medulla...This can't help but make me grin...we Scorpio chicks sure aren't...boring! ;)


At this time where I'm in deep contemplation over Yin and Yang(as a matter of necessity :p), I appreciate the irony of being particularly drawn to this beautiful song by Bjork, "Unison".

Bjork is definitely one of my all-time favourite musicians, public figures and performers, with an amazing voice and distinctly unique character ;) Sadly, still never seen her live yet...we Southern Hemisphere people are totally neglected...p.s The creative arrangement and instrumentalisation is a real pleasure in this, I am very partial to harps and this one very impressively features one - yay!